SMIP’s Annual Breaking Cycles and Stereotypes Walk of Support

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SMIP’s Annual Breaking Cycles and Stereotypes Walk of Support


Single mothers are very strong women living in a world they never planned. In order to accomplish the variety of things that are required of her she must stand strong in hard times. Raising children on your own can be a difficult tasks but when you add in the struggles that negative stereotypes can create.

SMIP is launching its first annual Breaking Cycles and Stereotypes Walk of support in order to raise awareness of our mission and funding to ass sit us to provide our programs and services to society.

Join us in September 2017 to walk in support of the motivated, determined, loving, and happy single mothers working hard daily to provide a better future for their families.

In Ontario, 13.5% of the population are single mothers. Of the 1.7 million census families in the GTA, 14.6% are single mothers. Every day, these mothers face physical, emotional, and financial struggles. With an average income of $40,280 (in the GTA, 2012), single mothers can’t always be self-sufficient.

Single Mothers in Progress is holding their fourth annual Walk of Support. Participants will have the chance to get active and help a local organization fundraise for their programs.

It is our goal to assist in the reduction of the hardships many single mothers and their children face each day. We help with education, employment, health, and the arts. The Walk of Support will allow our organization to provide new and improved programs and services to the single mothers in need.

As participants, you have the decision of signing up as a team or as an individual. If you sign up as a team, your donation will be calculated as a whole as you are raising the money together. If you sign up as an individual, you will be raising the money on your own. Our final goal is $300,000 where 80% will go towards programs and new services.

These programs are geared to the educating the children and providing recreational activities that their families cannot afford. In addition, a childcare center will be opened allowing mothers the opportunity to seek work or return to school. Help our organization become the support single mothers need. With your help, we can make the community a better place for all those mothers who need a helping hand.

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