Annual Report – 2015

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Accountability – 2015

This year SMIP  celebrates being a charitable organization for two years. Funded solely by the board and directors, SMIP continued it’s journey of giving it’s support and assistance to single mothers within the community. In addition, during the year 2013 SMIP began providing it programs and services to families residing in Jamaica. At this time SMIP has served over 200 families in various ways.

As the organization continued to blossom, our team stayed dedicated to building and growing an organization that would make a difference for mothers across the world. Although, the organization had no funding the team was dedicated to making the organization become a success for hundreds of years to come.

As a non-government funded organization this year was made possible solely by the contributions of the board and directors of this new registered non-profit organization. Some donations have been made by the community, however, the majority of the funding had to be provided by the board and directors.

Financial Information

Below is an outline of the money spent and recieved during this time. A link to our business taxes have been provided for your review.

Business Taxes

Charitable Taxes

Financial Overview Chart


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